Security Software Installation Information

The USB007 can be used immediately on any operating system above Windows 98 Second Edition without installation or drivers.

However, in order to utilize the powerful security functions the USB007 is capable of, a small program must be installed once. The program required to do this is located on this site under "DOWNLOADS".  Click on the link given and download the zipped file to a location on your hard drive that you can remember. Unzip all the files and folders to some location you can view them. We suggest you create a folder called "USB007" to unzip these files into. Open the folder called "Security Applications" and double-click "Setup".  

Detailed instructions can be found in the provided manual found in those files to gain a further understanding of this drive. If you decide to try it without reading the manual, the default password that you will be asked for is 0000 (that’s 4 zeros). You can change it at any time and use up to 8 characters, upper or lower case, numbers and symbols or any combination of each, after you do this simple setup installation.

It is strongly recommended you read the manual at least once. If you resize the partition, data will be erased. Consult the manual for more about this and other important information.


You can download the setup, user's manual and/or drivers for additional operating systems at This is only required the first time you use the USB007 drive. A small program called "U-Storage" will reside in your program files after setup is complete, to further manage your USB007 drive. We have found most people have little trouble in getting started. However, if you are having difficulty, we offer excellent technical support to get you going.

Driver and Tools for USB007 Mini-USB2 (MIU-SxxD2U-22)

Driver and Tools for USB007 KT 2.0 (BI2UKxxMB-8)

Driver and Tools for Intelligent Stick
Windows ME/2000/XP and Mac 9X&above:
If your PC system is under Win ME/2000/XP or Mac 9X&higher, it is not necessary to install the drivers. Just plug the Intelligent Stick? into USB port directly, you can start to use it.
Windows 98SE: If your PC system is under Win 98SE, please download the driver from the website, and here is the address of website:

Additional Support

If you require additional support, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.



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